Requires Manage Server permission

Creating Giveways


Create a giveaway

Use /giveaway create channel: winner_count: prize: duration: to create the giveaway

  • channel: = Channel to post the giveaway in
  • winner_count: = Number of winners
  • prize: = The prize for winning the giveaway
  • duration: = How long should the giveaway last
  • suggested_server: 💎 A plus feature suggesting which server to join. Use an invite link
    /giveaway create channel: #important winner_count: 1 prize: 20$ nitro duration: 5 days suggested_server:

Add a required role (optional)

After choosing a role, a new option will appear asking if the user should have “all” or “only one” role to participate


Add bonus roles (optional)

Add bonus roles to add extra number of votes if the user has one of the roles. You can add different number of bonus votes for each role


Add a Custom Requirement 💎 (optional)

A plus feature to add custom requirements to join the giveaway. This will be displayed on the giveaway message. These requirements have to be manually checked.


Toggle Branding 💎 (optional)

Remove the ”⚡ Powered with ❤️ by Scrump” message in footer of the giveaway

Ending a giveaway

Giveaways wil automatically end after the duration of the giveaway will expire. You can end the giveaway early by using the /giveaway end giveaway_url: followed by the message url of the giveaway.

Rerolling winners

You can reroll the winners of the giveaway by doing /giveaway end giveaway_url: followed by the message url of the giveaway to reroll winners.