Requires Manage Server permission

Setting up leveling


Enable the leveling module

Use /leveling-config module enable to enable leveling. Only when leveling is enabled can users earn XP


Import from MEE6 (Optional)

If you’re switching from MEE6 to Scrump use /leveling-config mee6-import


Set up level roles

Use /leveling-config level-role add role: level: assign a role with a particular level.

Use /leveling-config level-role set-mode mode: 💎 A plus feature to choose to assign “All level roles” or only “Highest level roles”


Set up level up notifications

Use /leveling-config rank-up-notifications mode: and choose how you want level up alerts to be setup. Choose from: In DMs, The channel being typed in, No alerts or in a Specific channel.


Config XP Settings

  • Use /leveling-config set xp-earn-cooldown time: to setup a cooldown time between earning xp
  • Use /leveling-config channel-xp-multiplier add channel: multiplier: to set XP multiplier channels
  • Use /leveling-config role-xp-multiplier add role: multiplier: to set XP multiplier roles
  • Use /leveling-config no-xp-channel add channel: to set channels where users can’t get XP
  • Use /leveling-config set global-xp-multiplier multiplier: to change the global XP multiplier