/auto-roleAutomatically assign roles to new members
/auto-thread-channelCreate new threads on each new message in a channel
/auto-unarchive-forumAutomatically unarchive all forum posts
/auto-unarchive-threadKeep a thread unarchived no matter the auto-archive time
/auto-unread-channelMark a channel as unread every 10 minutes
/automodManage your servers automod rules super easily
/chart-channelGamify your chat channels with chart-based engagement rewards
/crypto-priceCheck the price of your favourite crypto token
/emoji-only-channelEnforce emoji-only mode in a channel
/emojiSupercharge your servers emoji management
/giveawayHost & create giveaways super easily
/image-only-channelEnforce image-only mode in a channel.
/invite-logLog a users’ used invite code when they join
/invite-codesCheck a members invite codes & their uses
/invite-leaderboardSee who’s invited the most members to your server
/leveling-configSetup the servers leveling system
/rankCheck your rank or someone elses
/leaderboardView the servers level leaderboard
/memeCreate your own memes, right in Discord!
/badge-countCount the number of unique badges in your server
/supportGet a link to Scrumps support server.
/voteVote for Scrump
/pollCreate a reaction poll.
/joinedSee when you or someone else joined the server
/inviteInvite Scrump to your server!
/avatarSee your or another members’ avatar
/topicGet a random conversation starting topic.
/user-infoView information about a user.
/pingCheck Scrumps ping.
/invite-lookupLookup server information based on its invite
/server-informationGet information for the current server.
/ping-on-joinPing new users when they join your server
/plusGet a link to the plus store page for Scrump.
/remindersManage and set your reminders
/repGive or view a users’ reputation
/role-menuSetup a role menu for your server
/roleManage your servers roles super easily!
/roleplayRoleplay with your friends with over 50 different emotions / actions!
/marriageMarriage commands
/shipShip two users together!
/graphView your servers statistics
/stickerEasily create, edit & manage your servers stickers
/sticky-messageSetup a sticky message on your server
/stock-priceCheck the price of a stock
/suggestion-channelSetup a suggestion channel in your server.
/tiktokLook up information about a TikTok profile.