Requires Manage Expressions & Create Expressions permissions

Managing Emojis

Adding Emoji

If you have Discord nitro you can use the /emoji add command to add an emoji from another server to your own server

Deleting Emoji

Remove an emoji by using /emoji delete

Rename Emoji

Rename an emoji by using /emoji rename followed by the emoji and the new name

Enlarge Emoji

If you ever need to zoom into an emoji or need an emoji link use /emoji enlarge followed by the emoji

Role Locking Emojis

You can lock emojis to specific roles

Even if you are the Server Owner or have Administrator permission, you need the role to use an emoji after it being locked

Add Role Lock

Use /role-lock add emoji: role: followed by the emoji and which role to lock it to. You can lock an emoji to multiple emojis by running the command again with a different role

View Role Locked Emojis

Use /role-lock list emoji: followed by the emoji to see the roles the emoji is locked to

Remove Role Lock

Use /emoji role-lock remove emoji: role: to remove the role lock from the emoji